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    Asus ZE551ML-6J329WW
    Silver, With 2 GB RAM,With Full HD Display, With 16 GB


Product Description

ACS1 Induction Motor Controller-SME inverters provide advanced control of AC induction motors for traction or pump functions of any electrical vehicle working with speed or torque control algorithms.

SmartMotion is an integrated controller which can manage multi-function and fully configurable

I/O pins for any I/O functions like digital and analogue inputs and digital and analogue outputs,

capable of driving fans, relays’ and hydraulic valves’ coils, contactors, negative brakes and many

others inductive/resistive loads.

It is fully suitable for counterbalanced and warehouse trucks, all heavy-duty applications as Tow

Tractors, Cleaning machines or Air Platform, any kind of passengers vehicles or utility vehicles as

Electric scooter or Golf or City Cars

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